Saturday, January 14, 2017

[Special] Open Source Container 

Open Source Containerization software

excerpted from the website:

We believe we can learn more from each other when we share. Supergiant is open-source under an Apache 2.0 license. It's free to use, modify, and distribute.
And it’s the first container orchestration system built specifically handle high-availability, distributed, stateful apps. We would love your feedback to help make Supergiant even better.

shared from Adam via Twitter DM:

Application containerization is an operating system level (OS-level) virtualization method for deploying and running distributed applications without launching an entire virtual machine (VM) for each app. Instead, multiple isolated systems are run on a single control host and access a single kernel. The application containers hold the components such as files, environment variables and libraries necessary to run the desired software. *Because resources are shared in this way, application containers can be created that place less strain on the overall resources available.* For example, if a variation from the standard image is desired, a container can be created that holds only the new library.


Definitely. I'll say that there are a few different container orchestration systems. We're built on top of Kubernetes and make it much easier to run/deploy/manage. We also have a packing algorithm that makes for very efficient usage of your cloud infrastructure. For more on that, see this:

Supergiant is actually a product we built for ourselves at, which is a hosted elasticsearch product. We wanted to run containers at scale in production. We decided on kubernetes, but built this for ease of management. It saved us about 50% of our own AWS bill. We open-sourced the project about 8 months ago. It works with AWS/Digital Ocean/Open Stack.

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This FOSS Spotlight Special is brought to you in honor of Adam at who was willing to take time out to answer some of my questions.

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